Dear Maureen Faulkner

Dear Maureen Faulkner,

In your diatribe against Debo Adegbile and Mumia-Abu-Jamal, you said,

“I was absolutely outraged by President Obama to make this decision to have a man who defended a murderer, someone who murdered a police officer with pre-meditation and malice, is a radical, is a Black Panther and to give him an appointment, to nominate him to the Department of Justice, it’s a disgrace,” Faulkner said.

Did Debo Adegbile pull the trigger that day? Did he shoot your husband in the face? I’m sorry for your loss. The way your husband died was horrible and indubitably malicious. I do not condone what Mumia-Abu-Jamal did. However, when I heard this interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, I was enormously disgusted with you. First of all, please read up on your definition of “pre-meditation.” M-A-J seemed to have shot your husband on a whim, in the heat of the moment. This point is totally irrelevant to the bulk of my irritation, but it’s a vocabulary correction I just had to make. There’s no excuse, ever, for shooting someone who’s already down in the face for no good reason other than your hatred for the police. I get that much, and I’m not defending it. Just…maybe don’t use the word “pre-meditation.”

Next, you say, “…is a Black Panther…” This is what really ground my gears. I almost lost it. I almost threw something at my television.

Why was it so terrible to be a part of an organized revolutionary party devoted to protecting black communities from police brutality? This point you brought up was an incredibly moot point. The color of his skin is what demoted him to the bottom barrels of humanity. It is what led white officers to believe that they had the authority to beat countless amounts of black people senselessly.

Your husband, maybe he was one of the few cops still devoted to protecting people from harm and upholding the tenets of justice. Maybe. In either case, I would not speak ill of the dead.

But…there are still so many people who claim to be protectors of our justice system violating it every damn day. The Black Panther Party bravely took a stand against officers who had been misled to believe they had that kind of authority. There is still this injustice today. You say it’s not a race issue, and I truly believe that the bare bones of this case is indeed not a race issue. But you choosing to associate the Black Panther Party with malice, leading people to believe that they were all radical and violent, that made it a race issue.

I urge you to retract that statement and keep your criticism of certain people insulated to their actual merit and not their race or associations with respectable organizations.


A person of color deeply offended by your statement, but still sorry your husband was killed in cold blood, proving that people of color aren’t terrible and that we’re people who indeed have feelings, including the one of sympathy.


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